Chronic Ear Infections

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My name is Ashley and I am four years old. My mom decided to bring me into the (chiropractor’s) office because of a good patient of Dr. Clauss’. My health problems began when I was only six weeks old. I was bothered by chronic ear infections. My ear drums even ruptured twice. The medical doctor’s solution was antibiotics. I was first given amoxicillin, but it did not help. My pediatrician then prescribed another antibiotic called ceclor, but that did nothing to help my ear infections either. The last medication the doctor prescribed was augmentin, which only caused a yeast infection. Consequently, because the antibiotic treatment did not work, the medical doctor wanted me to have surgery to put tubes in my ears. My mother did not want to hear of an eighteen month old baby having surgery. This is when my chiropractic care began and since then I have not had any ear infections.

Mom’s statement: Before this happened with Ashley, I was unsure what chiropractic was all about. Now, my whole family is under chiropractic care with Dr. Clauss.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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